Blockbuster fires a next volley in online rental price war



I just posted the article Blockbuster fires a next volley in online rental price war.

Here we
go again. In a move reminiscent of those “Crazy Eddie” fire sales at a used
car lot, today C|Net disclosed that Blockbuster have now given a good right hook
to Netflix, cutting…

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Blockbuster also has a 12.99 plan which is pretty much the same as the 17.99 plan only your alowed 2 movies at a time. Found this out when I was trying to cancel it offered up a couple of plans to keep me.


If Netflix doesn’t respond soon I’ll soon be switching.


yeah switch so then netflix will go out of business and blockbuster will up thier price to 24.99. all this is is blockbuster trying to completely KILL netflix and it’ll probably work. then all the people that wanna save a couple bucks will be paying even more once netflix is dead.


Yes, competition is good!! MB


I Have Blockbuster and Netflix. I did the 2 week trial of BlockBuster, then signed up for 1 month to get a free Shrek2 DVD, then when I cancled I got 1 more month free. I cancled the other day AGAIN. I have over 190 movies in my Netflix queue. Of those 190, 5 have a wait period. and 4 of those are short waits. I have 19 movies in my Blockbuster queue. 17 of those have a wait. 13 of them are LONG WAIT. I get 6 movies a week from Netflix. I get 3 a week if im lucky from Blockbuster. I got a movie from blockbuster that was cracked when it arived. I notified them and sent it back. I got the replacement back a week later. SAME CRACKED DVD. When I called blockbuster about it the girl asked If I could just throw it away because the wherhouse keeps sending it out. So now I AM Blockbusters Quality Control? (I could not throw it away because I had allready sent it back again) She also promised me another free in-store coupon for my troubles and wasted mail time, I never got it, even after calling her back a 2nd time. PS. The movis in my queue at Blockbuster are not NEW releases or Popular titles. I could just imagine what would happen If I tried to add any NEW stuff. Netflix forever. (PS, I live in a small town in Arizona, not in a major city where either company has a wherhouse)


Netflix has announced they will not lower prices in respinse to Blockbuster. I also dumped Blockbuster because nothing I wanted was available.
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I’ve been a Netflix member since March 2000 and I still love it. Even at the former $22/month it was great for me. Granted, I still get 4 out at a time vs the 3 current members have under the same plan. Ever since they added a ton of distro centers it has been outstanding. The only time I have been in a video store since 03/2000 was to use a gift card. I won’t change unless Netflix goes under!


What the hell is a “wherhouse”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Odd… I’m finding all the movies that I couldn’t find at Netflix readily available at Blockbuster. I’d assume that Netflix would have a better supply as they’ve been at it quite a bit longer… interesting how so many people have had bad experience with titles being out at Blockbuster… so far all 119 of my titles are in. Granted, it was only 7 that NetFlix currently had on “LONG WAIT” status. The thing I’ve found both sites have in common so far, they’re rating systems suck. I’ve rated over 700 movies at Netflix so far and they’ve given me the worst recommendations I’ve ever seen. Blockbuster’s not doing much better, but it’s only been one day. They could both learn from’s rating system. It always manages to find interesting items for me. As far as switching just putting Netflix out of business. First, that’s business. Second, I don’t intend to stick with the mail-in rental business for very long and Blockbuster has said this 14.99 price will last until 2006. There is absolutely no sense spending 3 dollars more per month just so Netflix won’t go out of business. Especially seeing as when Netflix had a monopoly on the mail-in rental business they sure didn’t give the consumers any breaks by raising the prices to 22 dollars. Having competition will do nothing except help all of these business iron out the bugs that ALL of them seem to have. If they want to keep customer, they’re going to have to work for it. I’ve still got two weeks to go on my NetFlix month, but if Blockbuster’s two week free trial goes well I’ll definately be switching.


Just out of curiousity… what movies are you guys having trouble getting? Not trying to start a war, it’s just very interesting! I thought I had obscure movie tastes and I’ve not had much trouble at either store.


Reason I switched to Blockbuster was I get a coupon each month for 2 free game or movie rentals at my local blockbuster store. I also got a free copy of the Bourne Supremacy. I use my 2 rental coupons for PS2 games which usually rent for 6 bucks each. 2 games a month is fine for me and saves me the 12 bucks I would spend so it’s a great deal. So far my movies have shown up pretty quickly but I live close to a big city with a warehouse.


Well, one good thing for Blockbuster so far. I opened my account yesterday and in less than 24 hours I have my first DVD at my door. Let’s hope they keep this speed up.


Same here, I have found a few titles at Blockbuster that you can’t find at Netflix, “Night of the Living Dead(1990)” and “Will Vinton’s Claymation Christmas(1987)” not at netflix and netflix is slowing my shipments lately, does blockbuster do this also?


I recently did the trial of blockbuster and netflix. I found netflix marginally better. Selections are better, and waits are less. However, blockbuster’s selection is still very good, and unlike the time I tried walmart, I’m finding most movies readily available. Combined with the two/month in-store free rentals that their online service comes with, and the new $14.99 price (remember, there are taxes!) blockbuster woulid be my definite choice.