Blockbuster Express kiosks testing $2.99 premium rentals

Blockbuster Express kiosks testing $2.99 premium rentals.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Blockbuster continues to focus on rental kiosks and new rental streams as its traditional movie rental business struggles in the new age.  The Blockbuster Express movie rental kiosks will have higher prices in Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix and San Francisco, with a nationwide rollout possible in 2011.

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Time to close up shop.

Screw you Blockbuster. I haven’t liked you since you ran the local video rental stores out of business years ago. Looks like you missed the innovation boat. Redbox FTW. By the way, I don’t mind waiting another 28 days to rent from Redbox as long as I only pay $1 as opposed to $3.

I think they’ll find this “test” to be a miserable failure. People will just go across the street and visit Redbox instead, because they’ll think Blockbuster is too expensive (even if it is just for exclusive new release rentals).


I wish whoever is pumping money into Blockbuster to keep in on life support would just pull the plug already. It has become an industry joke and most people avoid Blockbuster like it was the plague. Just die already.

In other news - Netflix is showing critical thinking and killing the old rental scheme. Blockbuster continues to waste investor money in a prolonged battle that they cannot win.