Blockbuster expects DVDs to rule over downloads for a long time

I just posted the article Blockbuster expects DVDs to rule over downloads for a long time.

Blockbuster, which is likely to launch a movie download service as early as 2007, expects High Definition DVD sales to rule over High Definition movie downloads for a long time yet, according to…

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I think they hit the nail this time…I’ve tried both netflix and blockbuster and like them both…I just can’t stand netflix’s system when it comes to customer priority…With total access, I think blockbuster will attract many people who hate that waiting period…now they can just go to the actual store for more movie…sweet! :B

Yeah, I dont belong to a plan right now, but I would prob do the total access. Netflix says that BB got it wrong since it is about not going to the store all together for the folks that join movie delivery systems. Yeah, don’t bother to get your FAT ASS off that couch and get SOME exercise. I swear I want to join one, but when I see how many lbs my brother has gained thanks to Netflix and now GAMEFLY and maybe I wont (BB is a little less than a mile from my house and I enjoy the walk, thank you very much).