Phone #

Anyone have a phone number for these clowns??? It looks like they have gotten into throttling. They used to send DVDs out the same day they received them, now it is at least one day. They still have not shipped anything and they got the last two I sent back yesterday.

there’s nothing ilegal about throttling. the reason netflix got sued was because they weren’t up front about it.

i’m pretty sure BB has something about it in their terms of service.

call any blockbuster store and ask for the BBO customer service number. they should have it posted in store (i work in a BB store, but I don’t know the # off the top of my head)

here’s the relevant section in the terms and conditions:

Selection and Allocation of Product. BLOCKBUSTER Online will automatically ship titles to you, up to your maximum number of outstanding BLOCKBUSTER Online Rentals, from and in the order that you have listed in your rental queue, subject to availability. However, BLOCKBUSTER Online reserves the right to determine product allocation among members in its sole discretion. In determining product allocation, we use various factors including, but not limited to, (i) the historical rental volume for each subscriber, (ii) historical number of outstanding rentals relative to a maximum number of outstanding BLOCKBUSTER Online Rentals allowed under a subscriber’s plan, and (iii) the average rental queue position of BLOCKBUSTER Online Rentals that have shipped to a subscriber in the past.

It sure is iritating to not have them ship for two or three days. Is there anyone else to rent online with that is any better???

netflix and BB are the top 2 as far as I know. it does suck, but there’s no way around it really. you’re still saving a TON of money over renting in store even if you don’t truly get “unlimited” dvds.

BB definitely has its faults, but I think it’s the best deal going, and not just because I work for them. I mean, it pays for itself with 4 in-store coupons a month…it’s hard to argue with that even if you’re getting shortchanged by throttling…

I just signed up for BB and right away they starting the throttling … I have the 3 at a time plan and they held the third movie for a couple of days even though all the movies in the queue were available now.

I’m only going to stay with them for a month so I will get as many movies as I can in that time and be done with it once the month is up.

The phone number was listed in their FAQ you need only look under contact CC and you will find it.

866-693-2789 … unlike Netflix BB does give you a number to call.

Netflix however seems to be the faster of the two even with the throttling.

spiritoo, somethins tells me you might not be a victim of throttling but of just general poor service.

I got about 25 movies a month for my first few months with BBO before I canceled it, and I’ve seen people get literally like 7 or 8 in their first month. That’s an area where netflix definitely has the advantage over BB…consistency of service.

One thing BB does , at least here in the US is send you 2 free dvd or game rental coupons a month along with your online subscription. So when I am getting the ol’ throttle on a new release I really want to see, I just go into the store and use the coupons for an instant fix :slight_smile: …Now if only there were a lot of dvd’s being released that I really wanted to see!..:frowning: most of the titles this year have sucked.

you get 4 coupons a month now

yeah…now you get a choice. 4 movie only rentals a month or 2 movie or game rentals. If your not a gamer 4 is the way to go.

I had that feeling too … I doubt they will be as bad as 7 or 8 a month, but the movies have been coming from a nearby DC … netflix get the movie from the same area in a day while BB takes two days. :Z

One thing is for sure … as soon as the month is up I am going to cancel BB. :iagree:

Well it has been three days now and they still have not shipped me any movies. I am now a little more than jussed pissed off…

Thanks everyone for the replys. They finally sent movies out yesterday. I talked to customer service and they said that even though I had 5 or 6 movies im my queue that said “available now” they were not really “available now”. Not sure why that would be. He said that you have to have at least 25 movies in your queue.

They have NO 4 coupon 3 out at a time plan for $14.99 per month - which is what I am paying now. Only thing close is $17.99/month - but as indicated above, most new releases suck anyway.

where are you renting from? the 3 out plan with both netflix and blockbuster is 17.99.

whatever you have, for 4 movies (~$18 in in-store rentals) I think it’s worth the extra $3 a month

Just to clarify a point; BB has allowed me to keep my old plan at $14.99, for 3 at a time, + 2 free, in-store coupons. They did offer me the $17.99 plan as well, in a recent email, but so far they haven’t insisted that I “upgrade”.

ahh yeah, i didn’t think of that. if you had the plan before the changes, they probably allow you to keep it as long as you like.

are you sure you can’t opt for 4 movie coupons rather than 2 movie or game coupons? we got come corporate communication through my store a couple weeks ago, and i thought it said all 3-out plans had the option of going to the 4 coupons…

i’ll double check the paperwork the next time i go into work.

Thanks, I appreciate that. I’m getting some serious pressure from my 18 yo daughter to upgrade to the 4 coupon deal, anyway. I think she’s trying to pack in as much “movie time” as possible before college; she’s gonna do the trimester deal so she can start med school in 3 years…good lord, to be young again and have that kind of energy… :bigsmile:

For the record, Netflix’s customer service number is 888-638-3549.