Blockbuster CFO: 'DVD to drive business'

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During a conference call in New York Thomas Cassey, CFO of Blockbuster, said he expects physical DVDs to be the top seller in the near term. Many analysts suggested that Video on Demand (VoD) and…

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I think Samsung execs believe Blu-ray will only have a life-span of about 5 years. If this is the case I don’t see this format ever getting traction.

I think they might sell quite a few new movies on Blu-ray and maybe when the price is right people will replace their dvd player with a Blu-ray but I just don’t see people going out and replacing their whole dvd collection.

I think CFO is right, at least for now. Since ISPs are putting limits on GB use. To download a few movies per month may get quite expensive, if the charge is $2/GB over the limit plus cost of the movie itself.

Downloading films is naff I would never download a film especially with caps in place! Much better to own a physical disc - with a download its costing to download in bandwidth and electric. Better to walk down to near video shop and rent a DvD or Blu Ray if I wanted.

Blockbuster is always lagging. They don’t even have a mobile version of their website, you can’t add movies to your queue while you’re on the go!

I would never pay to download. I want a physical item if I am paying. Something I can resell if I don’t want it anymore. We need cheap BluRay burners and media then we’ll see some action. Once there is a BluRay burner in all new PC’s etc I predict things will take off. Backing up a drive is still a problem these days with the ever increasing size of them. If only optical media would keep up.