Blockbuster buys

I have recently started to buy old Blockbuster videos’s have had a hard time getting a good burn, I am using Tygo3 w/ Benq 1655 as a burner/writer, also use Lite 165, are these Dvd’s, just too burned out/dirty/scratched?

If you can successfully rip them to the hard drive, then you are getting a complete digital copy of the dvd. I buy old dvds too, and the only big problem you run into are the scratches which prevent or slow down the ripping process.

If you are getting I/O errors, that usually means a physical problem with the disk. Clean them with isopropyl alcohol first, just to see if it is dirt or fingerprints causing the error. The next thing I try is to spray on some Pledge wax, then polish it with a soft cloth—radial motion, not round and round the disk.

Next step up the line is to polish out scratches. Some people use toothpaste. I use an ultra fine abrasive in a liquid wax base, called Ultra Glaze #7. It is intended for final polish on clear coats applied to cars, but works pretty well for this. Just takes a lot of elbow grease.

If your problems come after ripping, then something else is going on. TY G03 is pretty good media, and lots of people like the 1655.

What software are you using? And do you mean video=dvd?? Have you check to update those firmware on the drives and what type of media are you burning to and what speed are the burns? Remember “speed kills”… Have you tried first to clean the media surface and play them in standalone players?