Blockbuster bleeds $78 million before Dish Network buyout



Blockbuster bleeds $78 million before Dish Network buyout.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Blockbuster has become quite familiar with posting monthly financial losses. A new report outlining the company's fiscal performance in the weeks leading up to its $320 million acquisition by Dish Network did nothing to change that trend.

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Wow, pretty funny that they’re trying to remove the Blockbuster name/branding from those NCR kiosks. That should be a fun dispute to watch.


@pinkster88: Since the Blockbuster service is new to Dish, why is the 3-month free trial only available to new customers? It seems to me that a free trial of a newly added service should be available to every Dish customer.


Pinkster was just spamming. :cop:


Blockbuster will end up copying the redbox kiosk model in local stores instead of running a whole rental B&M itself. The rest will be streaming media over the internet.