Block sites in IE/Firefox and/or block MSN?

Hi. My younger sister (12) has recently gotten a bad report card from school. Mum said it is being on the net too much which caused this. The main things she does is Neopets, and MSN Messenger.
Everyone who uses the computer has thier own login name. My mum asked me to block Neopets, and MSN. Is it possible to block Neopets and/or MSN on her username only? We want it blocked on both IE, and Mozilla Firefox.
TIA :slight_smile: :bow:

If no-one else uses neopets

edit the (vaguely correct drives/directories)


add the line β€œ127.0.0.1”
(same as lines above)

Unfortunately, this will prevent everyone from accessing neopets as it redirects all requests for the server back to your computer :wink:

For MSN, you can use β€œtweakui” to prevent her from accessing the program :wink:
Also set her account as limited user, which will prevent her from accessing tweakui :wink:
Install tweakUI to your desktop so that it will be administrator only files. Also ensure that the shortcuts are to your desktop/start bar only, rather than ALL users.

I remember SP1 came with a tool to set program permissions for users. It took up a large portion of space on the top of my Start-menu so I deleted it and I havent found a way to get it back. You are running Windows XP SP1 right?
Now if I could only find that tool…