Block PMs from specific users w/o total ignore?



can you block PMs from listed users without shutting off PMs completely and without ignoring all of that person’s posts?

i’d still like to receive PMs from others, and I’d still like to be able to see the person’s posts in the normal context of threads, but I don’t want to keep getting PMs from them…is this possible?


Sorry, won’t send you those indecent proposal PM’s anymore :wink:

All kidding aside, as far as I know it is not possible to selectively allow PMs. Easiest thing to do is delete them without reading them… I usually cannot resist myself at least reading the PM, but I easily delete PMs with technical questions (if people refuse to read my signature and still send them to me, they don’t deserve an answer; other PMs are always replied to)


stalking on CDF? :eek:


No I don’t think that is what reason is asking. As I understand it as I am in the same situation with a couple of people on my ignore list. She want to be able to read the posts of people in her ignore list that are in forum threads while still blocking them from actually sending PMs. Not selectively allow PMs.


six in one hand, half a dozen in the other. either way I’d be happy if it were possible.

i always reply to technical questions that ar epmed to me…with a saved paragraph that reads something like “NEVER send unsolicited PMs to forum members. if you have a technical question post it in an appropriate forum so others may benefit from it”

haha and I WISH i was being stalked…my life isn’t that exciting. I’m just sick of arguing with a certain few posters that’s all.


@JayC30: with selectively allow I actually meant ‘selectively ignore’, my mistake.

Phew…and I thought you were considering my amourous PMs as stalking :wink:
But I’ll try harder than, if that is what you like…I aim to please :bigsmile:

Technical questions belong in the forums, not in PM…that is my reason for not replying to technical PMs or e-mails…besides, in 95% of the cases you are better off without my technical advice anyway :wink:


was was fed up with the forum yesterday so i popped into the Chat for a while, but no one was around :frowning: i was devastated :wink:


Mjah…I only login there during the weekends…and then spend my time on the laptop that isn’t connected…
Even on MSN you have a hard time catching me…but it is easier there than it is here probably hint :wink:


I’ll quit stalking and PM’ing you…sorry…:smiley:

Actually I only PM’ed you once but done forgot what it was about. I know it’s annoying but don’t read it just delete it and put in your siggy this :

I will not answer a PM if I think the question should have been asked on the forum.

This should warn them.


That assumes people actually read that signature…

My signature is below many many posts…but still people are able to miss it…don’t want to spoil your illusion…but this comes from my own experience on this forum…of which I am a member for more than 6 years already…


After having access to that intarweb thingy for a while, people actively develop tunnel vision in order to avoid seeing all the commercial ads.

I think the same happens with signatures.

Especially when some signatures are larger than the actual posts. :bigsmile:




True I used to be one of those that just signed up and never read the rules. They do prve value to read them first though.


Watch out, or I’ll be forced to use the silver colour for future posts! :bigsmile:

I could even use an infinitessimal font size for my signature, like this:


Nooo, anything but that! :eek:


When I was on a couple of other forums, I had in big letter exactly like this, :

Do not contact me with a how to question, that’s wht the forum is for. Try looking in the stikies and how to section then if still stuck ask in the help section.

Guess what people still contacted me with how to questions. Downside when running it you can’t realy block people so I just deleted all that fell into the cataogry of people ignoring sig.


Including typos? :bigsmile: Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Yeah, people tend to overlook sigs. Me, I read everyone’s simply because I’m the curious type. :slight_smile:

A warning that such messages will be deleted might be good though.


Yep I am the typo king like you are the edit queen. You wouldn’t believe I am a qualified typist :bigsmile: (By the way that’s not a joke I am a qualified typist)


You can blame it on the gremlins hiding in your keyboard.

I’m srue your’e nit the olny oen wit hthat probblem!


I can quite innocently at the moment as I am breaking in a new keyboard so there are some issues with the keys being a bit stiff.