Blindwrite5 v. 5.06 out

did this new version chance anything. I don`t dare to install this time.
also copytodvd v. 246 out

tryed it anyway. In trialmode it still rebooted my pc.

and copytodvd 246 did not work just as 244 and 245. Back to 243.

Can a mod merge these two threads please this one here He still hasn’t provided the requested information and there is no need to have two threads for the same problem.

could not send any logfile. there was none to send

I dont find any version 5.06 anywhere.

It sure isnt on the VSO website

Where did you see it Kunolobo?

you find it her

20-Dec-2003 13:11

If you download and install a version that this not yet officially released you may get more than you expected (Read crashes, errors, bsod etc).
And if your computer dies you only have yourself to blame.

I know this…I had already decided to wait until it is officially released. It would be better when they release a copy of autoplay that works with the newest securrom protection instead.