i have a Lite-On LTR12101b on windows me. loaded blindwrite 1.2 with 1st drive. then switched the drivers of bw (pattin-couffin back to aspi 4.6) and my drive won’t read a blank cd. the green light just stays on. uninstalled bw, reloaded windows, earsed harddrive, nothing worked. i thought maybe the drive was bad and sent it back (warranty). now i have had the same problem again with second drive. i hadn’t realized blindwrite was the problem. after reloading everything from erasing the hd, i only loaded nero and the latest blindwrite suite. the only time i can’t get the drive to act right is to delete aspi from pc, but can’t burn anything without aspi layer. i now have aspi 4.71 and updated firmware on the drive, and the green light will go out after about 30 seconds, and will burn ok. is this the best i can do to fix the problem, or is there something else i could try? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks.

well first of all get rid of blind write :slight_smile:

Use clone cd or CD MATE to make backups copys of your games.

also i recommened u clean install windows me!!!

this should work :slight_smile:

also make sure u have the newest version of nero

If you want to use blindwrite, upgrade to the latest version 4.0.5.

blindwrite works great as does CDMate. Use whatever works best. As was mentioned, latest version is 4.0.5

CDMate stole Olli’s source code, that’s why it works… :Z
Stick to Blindwrite or CCD. :slight_smile:

thanks for replies. have tried all of these suggestions and nothing has worked. just read something about a guy powering down his pc to clear the buffer in the cdrom drive that locked up at start of burn. gonna try that. thanks again… p.s. tried a different brand of media with alot better results too. when i put a blank cd in, the green light will go out after about 9 seconds. before it was taking 25-30 seconds. sucky brand: acer cd-r80 16x

CloneCD is the standard but Blindwrite has shown remarkable stuff and I bought it to support them as they have real talent. CD Mate is still beta; promising to be able to all things for all men, maybe they will some day. Last time I checked I couldn’t copy SD 2.51 even with my Liteon and they are really off with Plextor’s. They have a lot of PR out and around and seem to be improving. They must be making some money. I don’t know about stealing Ollie’s source code. That is a strong allegation.