Blindwrite won't do certain Games

I’m having problems making working backups of certain games. Blindwrite freezes up if I try to do the first disc of Sims 2, and Harry Potter makes a disc that the game doesn’t recognize as being in the cd drive. I have a Lite-on 48x (48246S) and it has been suggested that I need a better burner. True? Thanks in advance

Can you give us more info about your system and operating system.

Windows XP Service Pack 2…AMD Athlon XP 1500+ 1.3 Ghz processor…768 MB DDR RAM…What else do you need to know?

Did you read/used the online CDFreaks copy guide?

Find it here, it will show you how to identify the protection used on your CD/DVD’s and will give you a step by step guide to copy them.

If it doesn’t work let us know.

I am downloading and planning to wade through the 165 pages of the copy guide, but all I really want to know is if the hardware (the lite-on burner) COULD be the problem. In other words, as software developers invent new copy protection methods, are there cases that more than just new programs would be needed to defeat them? Like new hardware? I don’t really understand how copy protection works, and don’t have the need or desire to make a study of it, but was just wondering how much of the breaking of the protection is hardware dependent instead of software dependent.