Blindwrite will write RAW



I just posted the article Blindwrite will write RAW….

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The authors of Blindread who can now also be called the authors of BlindWrite, told us that BlindWrite will be using RAW writing:

BlindWrite HAS full support of…

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I’m just hoping it will support the LG CED-8080B!!!


Hope it supports all LG peice of shit drives…

Here you go Freakz, found another serial for CloneCD:New Clone Serial

Name: Ajays

I dont know why they released this since the other one worked fine… I would have waited for the next release of CloneCD before releasing this one…


I think that works with all versions (prior of course).


When will this BlindWrite will be out? And where can I read more about it?


BlindWrite I got my 3 Plextor ready for you. BTW I got a jammy too