Blindwrite & Warrior Kings with Liteon

I’ve used Blindwrite to produce a working image of Warrior Kings (Clonyxxl reports Laserlok as proection). Can load the image and its function with Daemon but I’ve been unable to burn a working copy useing Blindwrite.

Clonecd didn’t produce a working image - which was a new one for me.

I’ve also had a problem with another Microids game MAster Rallye which I’d suspect is also Laserlok protected.

Any hints on how to get a working copy from the image either using Blindwrite or Clonecd.

USing Liteon 16x DVD as reader and Liteon48x as writer.:frowning:

did you use the nibble option in blindread?? Laserlock should be easy to copy.
PErhaps you can try it again with your cdrw drive

Further to my last the problem is with writing the image not reading it - reading is OK and works with Daemon.

I have found a patch for Warrior Kings which suppsoedly fixes the problem with the Laserlok - also someone suggessted using high quality media for laserlok images.

Strange…there are patches for removing laserlock…
but we can not discuss that on this forum…it is against the rules

I have an old teac 6 speed cdr-burner which can read laserlock without problems

I was going to recommend using the burner as a reader and try it that way. Try it and see if that works for you.