BlindWrite v5 Tweaker

Hi All

Well again i had nothing to do in free time so i have written this tool. For all you don’t like autoplay in BW5 u can now turn it off. Also many other things can be done. It should work from v4.9.9.95

Some things are not ready in BW5 but will be soon. It is MDS support it topology.

To Advance tab.

This Zones can be used to speed up reading. They are stored in LBA. If u want to remove some zone double clik on it.

Fast Error Skip Value is used to skip errors :D, u must experiment to get best result. For example on plextor drive, correct value for fast error skipping is 1, on liteon, it’s 0, on some sony, it’s 4. Max value is 255

If u will have other questions I will answer :smiley:


Best Regards


PS. Greeting to VSO :D, guys your are doing good job

bye bye autoplay for twinpeak lovers … what a shame ! :wink:

Thank you!!!

Finally something good! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

thanks for tweaker.
just one question.

do you need it running in background or once you set settings
they are set in registry?

No you can close it. But u need to run tweaker and start BW via it if u want to use some settings.


Nice work R!Co :bigsmile:
i thought i wouldnt need this tweaker since it would only disable autoplay (something i want and use), but it has really many good extras.

i would like to ask something, why dont you make a help file, tutorial or make a little box appear when you hold your mous over the options. that way it will be easier for new users to understand what all the options do.

damn, … pandora box is opened… new users should not use tweaker…unless to experience real problems.

your right, sorry what were i thinking
the tweaker is for advanced users only :slight_smile:
but still i think some help would be nice

If u need help with it, u are not an andvanced user and it is not for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I will look on it

are you saying i am not an advanced user :frowning: :bigsmile:

i understand the options in the tweaker, but i do have ? on some of them.
Turn Decrypt On? Do i not understand or does this turn on some kind of DeCSS?

so you are more advanced than you think yourself, and you didn’t need manual , as you guess by yourself.

Turn Decrypt On? Do i not understand or does this turn on some kind of DeCSS?

The best answer to this question is to play with it and see what it does.

maybe i am a dummy and dont understand it all, but i do seek after knowledge.
i would like to learn, and in my time teach others.

btw. R!Co
new avater, nice. i guess your plug’d in :wink:

So if you use the tweaker and turn off autoplay, will BW5 be better or the same as 4.2.5 for burning securom?

@ IamThebathroom

I think better because it can extract topology better.


Thanx :p. I will try to make some help

OK version 1.1 is out. I have added Tool Tips(help) and also autoclose. In future versions i want to add autosave last settings


nice work again R!Co.
I see your going to implant autosave, good. :slight_smile:
Why did you remove hidden zones?

Well this I can’t tell :stuck_out_tongue: for now

rico …

waaaaaaaaaaah u have removed a feature that we so desperatly want …lol sound familiar lol

beaver :

but gosh geeeeeeeeeeez wally you let us have it before …now the program wont be complete with it out and it just messes up the whole burning process and how we like it

cleaver :

…well sorry beaver you just cant have it now shut up about it and this subject is closed to discussion … no more autoplay oops I mean no more hidden zones lmao


sorry had to put some humor in if you know what i mean

you know rico I have alot of respect for ya … just had to poke some fun :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: no disrespect to you my friend