BlindWrite v4.2.2 released: now copies SafeDisc 2.80!

I just posted the article BlindWrite v4.2.2 released: now copies SafeDisc 2.80!.

vio_man, FutureProof (our CloneCD Forum Mod) and geronimo all used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of Blindwrite Suite has been released since yesterday.

This latest version,…

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I think clonecd is loosing… :frowning: I now use Blindwrite more than clonecd for copying :slight_smile: Keep goin’ on BW team!

It doesn’t matter that CloneCD is losing: instead we have BlindWrite, a very easy to use program! Has anyone a link to a page that shows the correct settings for every protection?

Ya I only use this nice proggi GOOOOOO BW TEAM:4

Now we can sleep at night , again, not thinking about how to handle Safedisc 2.8 and Securom 4.8 :d —> :8 for BW Team <—

… thanks mate !!! :slight_smile: and we plan 2 others release in the few next days… and nice features for next week…

Best has been and always will be!!!

Maybe you can implement profiles, so we don’t need to change settings…

quote: ------- “I think clonecd is loosing… I now use Blindwrite more than clonecd for copying Keep goin’ on BW team!” --------- DITTO

CloneCD is still the best and will always be. I prefer quality before quantity. I do have great respect for the Blindwrite team but i think CloneCDs stability and functionality has proven it`s rang troughout the years. Quality takes time :7

How about Alcohol?

Quality? I see absolutelt no difference in this version of Blindwrite and CloneCD 4… I prefer functionality and at this moment it seems Blindwrite and Alcohol are way ahead of CloneCD with what can be copied… I wouldnt be surprised if Olli is looking over these programs and in the future implement the code needed to copy these protection into CloneCD…

You people did thought about ollie. He has added a virtual drive into clonecd. To add such a new feature, it does take time to develop. I believe he will catch up with the protection and be the #1 again. I still remember he updated his so often in the previous versions; he is not lazy or grap the money and run. I just think it is just because of the virtual drive which take up his too much time. Develop a virtual drive needs a totally different skill and knowledge. Hey, Ollie if you are reading, I would like to ask you, "Are you recently married or running after some girls, it seems you have disappeared for sometimes. Women are important but not the whole world. We all need you back. :slight_smile: Keep fighting, I believe in you. :wink:

Hypnosis. Talking about stealing assembly/C++ codes etc is a very low level discussion from you. Since CloneCD was the first Replicator to fully make 1:1 working backups of protected games who is stealing who`s codes? And i dont really believe Olli is looking over other program since people have been stealing from CloneCD all the time …

I think Ollie don’t need to spend his attention to the CloneDrive: We have Daemon-Tools. Instead, we want to copy all available protections. I prefer to be able to copy everything and no clonedrive, instead of a clonedrive and a clonecd program that is not able to copy all the protections!