Blindwrite updated, now also backups SafeDisc 2.9x protected titles

I just posted the article Blindwrite updated, now also backups SafeDisc 2.9x protected titles.

VSO Software has released an update of their
popular 1:1 recording software, the Blindwrite Suite. The update enables users
to make backups of SafeDisc 2.9x protected games and introduces…

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vso are the best ! … ok ok I know it is not very objective… but it’s true !


yep…they are good…very good (do i get my free copy now…lol) :B

sure, write me, and you will have your free copy.

lol i bet you send me a copy of this page…grin will try the demo asap

Safedisk 2.9? When did that come out? And is it still an issue with other software?

see forums about the list of title using is. and problems

Nice job Lapinou … and a lot of work i suppose (24-7 ?) for a 2 persons’ team :wink:

BW rules !

Umm this was a long time in coming was it not …!!! Alcohol 120% has been able to back up SafeDisk 2.9 for the last month or so… am not saying VSO are dragging there heels, but come on guys… old news is history … if your going to release something at least release something other software can not already do.

Not all people own all CD-R software, and if you are a legal owner of Blindwrite, then you will likely be happy with this update, as it gives you where you paid for…

lol about the alcohol lover comments… you don’t seem to know all the issue ( cdr / cdrw ) and all the hardware compatibilies issues. the previous version was able to do safedisk 2.9 but on cdrw, and bw was not blacklisted… but anyway alcohol is probably better than bw, ( we don’t support starforce yet )… but not the most fair companies about objective comments.

Lapinou (vso are the best ! … ok ok I know it is not very objective… but it’s true !)… I guess as your a team member you have to say that :slight_smile: True or not!!! (and bw was not blacklisted) no i agree they most likely were not, but then again companies only black list programs that they feel are a threat to their product :slight_smile: As to “Alcohol lover” … Yes i like a few beers :B

well, about black list, it is not soo easy, macrovision and sony owns licences of blindwrite, so I can’t believe they don’t add bw… it is also because the way we build the things are a little bit more difficult to black list than others.

The answer as im sure most people already know is very simple… The reason software like alcohol is targetted as its much easier to blacklist because it uses virtual drives. Remove alcohols virtual drive and sd2.9 works very well again. It is a lot harder to blacklist burning software, this is the only reason why the likes of blindwrite is not blacklisted, it has nothing to do whatsoever with how good a program is, its quite hard to blacklist a burning software unless other software is installed like device drivers. We have all been reading this thread with a lot of interest, maybe cdfreaks would like to make a comparison of all the burning and emulation softwares on the market i think then we can say from a neutral point of view who is the BEST :wink:

Could not have put it better myself personaly i would like to see an ubiased comparison made from a neutral point of view.

Lack of time trully is a limit for us, but it is a suggestion that deserves thinking about. Nevertheless, this should not get down to “which is the best program - BW or Alcohol?” followed by praizes for one or the other. It is pretty clear that although both programs have mainly similar orientations, they do serve their customers in different ways, plus lets not forget what the past has tought us; today it could be program “X” that does the job for you, tomorrow program “Y” etc. Being a senseless follower of one program wearing winkers will only make one look like a fool when another program comes along in a month to deal with something new first. Bottom line, programs such as BW and Alcohol and CCD etc are here to serve you guys/customers and not you to serve them. Of course one is allowed to have his/her preferences, but in a senseble and logical way.

na I have tried BW with SD and it still won’t work wether on a cdrw or cdr:( So me 12/10/32s and Liteon 52/24/52 are ready for the bin:B Greetz The Diplomat:g

To the diplomat, … if you don’t contact us to let us the opportunity to correct the problems… how can we improve the program ?