Blindwrite to support VariRec on Plextor PX-712A?

Just wondered if anyone knew if they were going to add the same ability to backup securom protections with the PX-712A, like the plextor premium.

nope it doesn’t work and will never…

Really? I thought that drive had all the same features of the Plextor Premium. Is that not true or is there some other reason?

to sum up, let’s say Plextor did the stuff to prevent us to use the same features. so Premium is still the only solution.

That is VERY disappointing to hear. It seems like they are just shooting themselves in the foot on that one. Thanks a lot for the response. :slight_smile:

This is really disappointing lapinou :sad: . I thought the same as ColdBrew did and was very happy reading that the new PX-712A has the same features as the premium so there could be better chances backing up protected DVD games. I don’t really understand why plextor is preventing you using the same features because they should know who their customers are. I thought buying the PX-712A but know I will think about this twice.

Do you think PLEXTOR will ever release a DVD burner “DUAL LAYER” with VARIREC (and also a special “GIGAREC” feature( for DVDs?
In a such way it will be possibile to copy DVDs protected with SECUROM.

I would have been happy just to backup the securom CD’s with it…

Ive heard that varirec can make better audio recordings to cd. I don’t know if it’s true or not, haven’t really tried my premium for audio much yet. But if it is, I would think Plextor (or somebody) will start putting out drives with similar abilities, to make sales off the music burning crowd.

The gigarec feature is nice too, and some company I’m sure will follow Plextor’s coat tail on that one too. My 2 cents anyway :slight_smile:

Like the hdd-burn on msi drives ? but is older than the 712a, not sure if BW can take advantage of it in the same way tho, Lapinou ?

A new drive has been announced, the PX716a. I assume this drive will also prevent Blindwrite from using the special abbilities. Diasappointing. If not, I would have bought this drive… But maybe this drive can work like a Plextor Premium. I’m hoping… :iagree:

hmm thats too bad lapinou I saw the 2.17 plextools support for varirec and was hoping. Well luckily I still have my premium in a external usb enclosure. :wink:

If I remember correctly, Varirec works fine on DVD on my 712A. I guess Plextools may be the only program that may be able to make use of it if this is the case.

Could a hacked firmware be the solution?


lapinou, I was wondering what exactly plextor did that won’t allow the newer dvd drives to vari the settings like they did on the Premium. Not that i’m in any position to fix the situation, but was it specifically done to prevent backing up of certain protections? any information would be appriciated.

:bow: :bow: Plextor Premium :bow:

they removed a function available in the premium drive to avoid to make the protection backup possible.

At the moment this function is useless. New securom 7 is able to dectect gigarec copies.

Lapinou, will Blindwrite in a future release be able to use gigarec for trick Securom 7?

I ask him and i had a bad news:
He says no for 2 reason: maybe impossible to fix or not much time to fix it.
We should wait for a while…bye bye 1:1 :frowning:

Lapinou can you comment about that? :slight_smile:

Lapinou? :confused: