Blindwrite Suite

I am an Mod of an german board (w* and i want to make an Thread about “Blindwrite Suite”!!!
I was on the page of this programm and I’m didn’t found the right.
Yet my question: Could you name me the features about this programm? Thankyou for your work I respekt it

Sorry for my english… G

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Thanks Mr. Belvedere !
But you haven’t understand me! Have you an list of the functions of Blindwrite??? Could anyone help me??

try this link;

The BlindWrite suite containts the BlindRead and BlindWrite tool. One is to make images , the other is to write images.

All features of the program are described in the manual.


i just put the same link up there…:bigsmile:

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i just put the same link up there…:bigsmile: [/B]

not quite , i directed the link straight to the manual :slight_smile:

but i needed something for my leet (7337) - th post eh :slight_smile:



i gave the option to chose his own language