Blindwrite Suite Version 4.2.7 - Released 14/December/2002

New version released guys :slight_smile:

not shure whats new though :slight_smile:

Well, ain’t that just typical - I just updated to 4.2.6 this morning … :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up …


Originally posted by tg_
[B]Well, ain’t that just typical - I just updated to 4.2.6 this morning … :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up …

TG [/B]

well mate there is no point in updateing !
if you have a liteon 48x the bwa builder still dont work with it !!!

for some reason


what about this ?

Can someone confirm ?


get blindwrite 4.2.7
go into blindwrite config and make sure autoplay is on
make sure u got a image made and a bwa file for it, and just burn it with blindwrite.
what autoplay does is it takes in the values from the bwa file, and stores it somewhere on the cd, well it’s more complicated than that but im really simplifying things down, and it leaves the data in tact, when u install the game the game will install perfectly, when u run the game it emulates (haha i can see all those peeps cringe at that word, it really isnt that bad) the physical properties of the original disc by using the bwa data stored on the cd, as a result the cd verifys. its better to use emulation instead of the normal method in ur case as the data is left in tact and the picky toshiba will not report a crc error when u install. the only downside to this is u must have blindwrite installed on the machine u run it on. lapinou is making a small program that has the autoplay alone for free later on, so u wont need to install blindwrite on every machine u want to play it on u can use that autoplay standalone thingy instead. i burned ut2k3, lotr and nolf2 with the autoplay method and tested installation also it works perfectly, and authentication is as fast as originals.

also if u want to use the twin sector method on ur next cd then just disable autoplay form the bw configuration and it will use the old method.

blindwrite does NOT do a 1:1 of securom, plain and simple. when u buy hitman 2 it does not fail on install nor is there a bunch of twin sectors slapped on there. also when u buy ut2k3, it does not have stuff hidden on the cd that calls for autoplay whenever it runs. a true 1:1 of a securom game is when the copy not only contains the data from the store boguht, but it also has the actual physical properties that the store bought has. you should be able to take bwabuilder and make a CORRECT bwa file off a burnt cdr for it to be even close to 1:1 and a smooth curve is not correct, it should look like somethign that u would download from futureproof’s bwa download sticky. all blindwrite does is fool the protection into thikning that this is a store bought game, by using either autoplay or twin sectors. and yes before someone says it, we prolly will not see cdrs with actual physical properties on the cd identical to the store boughts themselves for a long time. i am very aware of this and i know when the day comes when we can make/buy media of that type then im going for it. just use the autoplay method jackal and dont worry about it.

yes I confirm… very well explained…

edit/ i will not post the next time im drunk /edit

  1. a) is it possible that newer versions of a game protected with
    Securom will be able to tell a twinpeak cd from original ?
    b) in which case would it be better to use Autoplay Emu?

  2. a) my game copied with Autoplay crashed if BlindWrite is not
    installed on the system, is that because Autoplay is an
    emulation requiring the app to be installed?
    b) is there plans to integrate it into the CD? when? :slight_smile:

Thanks !!

At first I thought that BW just did a Twinpeak ripoff… since the v1 source code was posted…

But this is really greate work, and it’s true as the homepage sayes. Only BW does the latest protections…

Greate work

Hi, I made a copy of roller coaster tycoon 2( usa version). It has securom I used blinwrite suite 4.25 to make the copy of the game, it installs and plays great on the computer I burnt it on and it also installs and plays on my other which has no burner or software for burning at all. I am using the lite on 52x24x52 and I read the dump image at 1x and also read the bwa at 1x and burnt the image at 52x… So how can this not be a 1:1 copy if it installs and plays on a computer which has no burner or software like clonecd or blindwrite for emulation.Any insite to this would be help ful…

if you want to TRY to create 1:1 ( I said try because Twinpeak highly depends on the hardware ) to be able to play anywhere without blindwrite ( and only blindwrite ) … you can turn off autoplay.
if you turn on autoplay, you need blindwrite ( and only blindwrite ) on the client computer.
because now Autoplay is not only an atip killer.

yes autoplay is a filter required when you use the option.
what do you mean by including it on the cd ?
the autoplay filter is a different application, you need to install blindwrite that’s all.

Well autoplay the way I understand is a loader that requires blindwrite to be installed on the system - otherwise the game crashes, etc.

Is it possible to integrate a small loader on the cd, so the requirement for installing blindwrite to play is eliminated ?

Also, I have made a copy of nolf2 on my LG 32x without Autoplay and it installs fine, but will when started reads the cd for a minute and just quits, no error messages. any ideas ??


I don’t think it is a good idea, because a filter installation require a reboot… so … it is better to install the ‘to-come’ autoplay light installation.

about nolf… he he … you have backup a nice copy for install only … so you should not have the information needed for the launch.

Makes sense about the loader – unless there’s a way to make it so a reboot is not required! :slight_smile:

About nolf2 - something interesting.
When I tried BW 4.2.5 with autoplay and nolf2 I made cd’s that would crash when installing (would not play either) on my LG.
But now with 4.2.7.I can at least install …

Also when I write I include the BWA in 4.2.7 but it will not start!

What did change?

it will not start ? please provide more details, unable to play ?

in 4.2.5 autoplay was just a atip killer.
in 4.2.6 and 4.2.7 it is more powerfull and emulate the cd layout ( bwa ) so it is really different,

if you want the behaviour of 4.2.5 you have to turn off autoplay.


4.2.5 without autoplay - install error, play error.
4.2.7 without autoplay - install OK, play error.

(I included the Bwa file in both cases)

Well for me this update is the biggest bust. Not only do my previous copies not work anymore but neither do any new ones, the bwa builds ok and is unremarkable but whether I use autoplay or not the new copies don’t work in any computer. Time to go back to a better build, one I had more control over I do not like the auto autoplay feature, hell I don’t even like the use BWA box being gone, at least if I had to check the use BWA box it appeared to be using it.

And I know it’s gonna be the old hardware dependant thing too, but it worked before these last updates, so I am not bying that one.

O, and one other thing on clone and every version of blindwrite except this one my Lite-On 163 DVD can extract subchannel data if present. Yes I know I don’t need it for this game.

Lapinou, I agree with mike234.

Even if an installation of a filter on a backup cd would require a restart, I would much rather have that than having to install BW, or even the filter on a number of separate machines.

If it could be done, then people would have a backup that could work from any one of their machines.

Please consider this option, as it seems like a very positive one to me.

Right now I’m considering running a cracked backup …

Since I can now burn and install with 4.2.7 but
cannot play unless I use the Autoplay feature.
(4.2.5 and others would not even install correctly) :frowning:

I guess it has to do with the LG not creating
the right twinsectors from the BWA file ??

I’ve tried to copy American Conquest (securom 4.x) with BlindWrite 4.2.5: the backup worked perfectly in five different drives on six (three Win 2k SP3 machines).

With BW 4.2.7, with autoplay on, it works in 3 drives on six. With autoplay off, the logs are the same (i.e. BWA embedded, no sectors created), and the results are worse: the game starts only in the writer used to make the copy, with a very long delay.

Does the machine need to be restarted when switching autoplay on and off ?