Blindwrite Suite version 1.2.0 available now

I just posted the article Blindwrite Suite version 1.2.0 available now.

A new Blindwrite Suite version has been released with some pretty big changes:

Installer system:

Completely new installer system, with the new 2000/XP design.

All the install / uninstall…

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why use this when you have clonecd?

Because it properly supports the Burn-Proof feature of my Lite-On LTR-12101B :slight_smile:

blindwrite rulez for bin/cue no shitty registration problems every time a new version comes out (like with cdrwin) and it works perfect with my lite-on 24x

Because people who tink that clonecd can handle every thing are crazy, for example the combination with CCD & BW can copy 99% of all cdz and BW is near as good as CCD. If i burn a with SD 2 protected game with CCD is is usually unreadable in some cd/dvd drives. When burning his cd wit BW it can be read in any drive so which one i recommend is?! Blind Suite! :slight_smile:

Too many coaters and knackered files with CDRwin. I used Nero on the fly to write precrackd games, and all installed ok. The same games previously copied with CDrwin, had install probs, corrupt file, retry abort, and critical error, file does not match the contents of the cab file. :8 Happy Burning The Diplomat! So I suggest you all stick to CloneCD, BlindSuite & Nero 5, and you wont go far wrong.

Allready another new version out: