Blindwrite Suite 5 public Beta features DVD support

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 kamikazee used our news submit to tell us VSO software is beginning the Beta testing for Blindwrite  5. Available to registered members only at first. The beta test has begun, and  people who...
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blindwrite sucks ! use clonecd , alcohol , game jack … but please do not use BlindWrite… it is just for idiot ( especially the 5th version ) there is only 1 buttons !!! we want tons of settings. especially the ones who make crappy copies.

blindwrite doesnt suck. there are many different 1:1 copying software and blindwirte is one of the best. the difference is maybe not noticeable on new hardware but on old it is. For some people 1 button is enough (i am not so happy about only 1 button but as long as it does it job theres no need to complain). I cant comment on blindwrite 5 since i have not tested it but from the screenshots it looks nice. Blindwrite never faild on me and blindwrite 5 that is coming now is very exiting. cant wait til the final version comes out. Recently i have seen people complain on blindwrite and i have had enough, people doesnt have to like blindwrite but some of the comments are unneeded.

for this nice comment, you win a free licence for bw5 … just email me to receive your free copy. if you are already registered, you will be able to give it to anyone… even my grandmother is able to backup her Jean Rieu ultimate cd collections… so … it opens the possibilities…

It’s great news that BlindWrite 5 will handle dvd…:slight_smile: By reading the reactions of some posters @ the CloneCd news thread,it’s totally clear for me that they haven’t the slightest idea about the REAL capacities of BlindWrite! Sure,BlindWrite couldn’t compete with CloneCd in the beginning,but the VSO developing team kept make their program better and better,while CloneCd developement stood still after…At the moment,BlindWrite is 1 of the biggest players @ the backup league…I have a Plex Premium and a LiteOn 52246s,so far,the latest builds of BlindWrite haven’t failed me yet to backup my stuff…I hope that version 5 will continue the way up…I don’t wanna bash CloneCd,since it has proven it’s quality for over the years,but I suspect they gonna have hard times if BlindWrite 5 is what it promises to be…:slight_smile:

ok you too , you win a licence … that’s not a joke. you just need to write me by email, and I will be glad to offer some licences for helpers to improve again and again the product.

Kinda looks like I am trying to jump on the bandwagon now… :slight_smile: I can’t say I have used blindwrite that much. I tested it out on a mate’s PC ages ago and it did the job. It’s a cut throat market for Cloning software at the moment and the more competition can only mean the faster the programmers work to keep their program up to date with the latest protections. Looking forward to BW5