Blindwrite suite released

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Kindly copied from the BlindWrite page:

25/08/2000 - New release is OUT, finally, after crossing a huge desert … What shall we say…

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It was woth waiting for 8)

Hmmm… BlinWrite is good, but I think CloneCD is beter

Well, it’s still beta but works great.

Well, it’s still beta but works great.

Hi all,
My Plextor 124Ts seems not to be supported : it doesn’t write in DAO with Blindwrite, and you ?

Sorry,I meaned it doesn’t write in RAW PQ nor in RW PW .

Mines works fine, though I rather use CloneCD.

Ywah CloneCD is relly the best u can get.
Why use anything else when u don’t need it?

use Clonecd, no coasters yet

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ok guyz and girlz, I think you are missing the picture here… if all we had was clone then they would not give us better softz. If they have a bit of compo then it gives us better software… get it ?
We all want bigger and better , so let em fight it out.... ps , I useem all and they all work.
Keep the spirit free …

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Well, I think this tool ROX!
(The new one that iz!!!)
Full version can be found on
LasH page btw…

So what the adress for this LasH???