Blindwrite soon to come!



I just posted the article Blindwrite soon to come !.

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We have administrative difficulties that prevent us from releasing the beta of blindwrite now. It’s only small difficulties, and the delay…

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i don’t believe that!
I mean that we can copy games without needing cracks when we make backups with blindwrite
& blindread !!!
I must see that !


Why don’t you believe that ! Currently Blindread can backup almost any game/appp except the ones using sub channel data as a protection i.e SECUROM. Blindwrite together with the new version of Blindread will change that.


This may be a stupid question, but I’ll ask it n e way: Will it work with drives that are not supported by CloneCD?


Before asking questions… first check out the webpages and learn more about your reader being compatible or not.
I’m using a Philips 3610. Clone works okay for regular copying, but when the big thang has to be done and the special options has to be set: Clone tells me that the witer is compatible.
With Blindread however there were no problems at all.The Philips 3610 turned out to be one of the first fully tested writers.
You’ll just have to wait and see what Blindwrite has to offer.


Why not make blindread and blindwrite 1 pgm ?


blindread relies on simple raw writing, clonecd relies on mmc2-dao-raw writing. many older burners, such as the ricoh 6200/6201 and older teac writers, support a real simple version of raw writing. that’
s why these burners work great with blindread but not at all with cloncd. check out, the author claims he is near a solution for copying psx and saturn disks without the need for a mod-chip.


It’s about time they released BlindWrite, 2 months overdue. By the way check out it says that the page will be updated today ???


BlindRead is not that good at all , it may be better then some other programs but i tryed to read one protected disk and ops… it fails after few second and gues what ? CloneCD copyed it just fine .
(Disk has 1 big mode/2 track , 4 or 5 small audio tracks and one small “unknown mode” data track at the end .


Gee, I guess because CloneCD bombed out while copying my “The Longest Journey” disk 1 (illegal TOC with multiple gaps) but Blindread worked fine, I should say “CloneCD is not good at all”. It’s turns out that if I had used a different method with CloneCD it probably would have worked fine. Not only is Blindread less expensive, but it’s simpler for us simpletons and newbies to use. If CloneCD was the price of Blindread, I’d register that also. Both have their merits. Kudos for Blindread to continue pushing the envelope.


You say that you ACTUALY BUY !!!???!!! this programs


Well i have Yamaha Recorder so RAW writing is not for me (actualy CloneCD even refueses to write on my writer at all) so i prefer using programs like UnSafeDisk and so .
BUT did you saw in my message ? - it means it was a joke !


You know something dneff98,
I could not agree more ! I for one never though that I would ever consider, as you so put it support the authors in this case, Olli,for CloneCD, but I finally decided that I want to register my copy of Clone CD, Not because I had to but I choose to, there is a big difference .
I really think it pays for it self way over as the program is brilliant and if it gets updated it does not mean that it sucks. As the protections become better and better and keep on upgrading so is the CloneCD so it would not fall behind. Look at how many times the safe disk got updated and changed ever since it was introduced and how many more protection was introduced that we still don’t know about! Look at how many times Win 98 gets updated and patched every day We All use it and yet no one seems to say anything. But when CloneCD gets updated everyone go Ballestic !

One thing that I don’t
understand is while everyone upgrades their machines one time or other, anything from the motherboard, RAM, Processor, Video Card Sound Card, and etc …
Why do some refuse to upgrade their burners to the newer ones when they don’t like the hassle. I did and I did not have to break the bank for it!!!


I don’t think buy is the keyword that should be used, I think support is the word. I have no problem at all supporting these guys that spend their endless nights coming up with these great softwares that let us do everything we are able to do today. I have registered my copy of CDClone and didn’t think twice about it. CDClone has worked with every CD I have thrown at it, and if a time ever came where I needed to get Blindread I would gladly register it too. I think some people forget that we are all on the same side here. Think of how many CD readers these software developers have to purchase to ensure that they work on them. That comes up to some pretty big bucks. Not saying what anyone is doing is wrong. Just asking that you think about supporting these two developers(CDClone and BlindRead). Help them out.


no software available yet that copies cd’s made with direct cd 2.0-i mean nothing will copy it(make an ISO image).Even clone cd and blind read and the big cdr software titles choke on it.Cool protection though but you can just dragg the files right unto your hardrive.


i am new to cdclone , i like it but i did try to clone a game and it sorta worked. I used the clone to install the game but couldn’t use it to play the game. did I do something wrong? Anyway I like this program otherwise though!