Blindwrite rules

After getting fed up with coasters from Nero 6, I started using Blindread/Blindwrite v. 457.49. I must say that it works almost perfectly with the exception of the program recognising my writer(Lite-On 48/12/48. I just exit the program, try again and it works. The program also seems to have trouble determining if both of my drives do dae correctly. Again I hit the back button a few times and all is well. This progam doesn’t seem to have any of the bugs that Nero has, ie: coaster problems, but like Nero you must choose the correct rated write speed. I use sao cooked and it burns perfectly. I am also using the Patin Couffin layer with no problems. Someone has done their homework and come up with a great program.:bigsmile:

When you open blindwrite goto the advanced tab and choose all but DAO TEAC, on the information tab just make sure all the boxes are checked, see if that won’t give you more write options at the write window, you should now be able to use DAo PW or DAO PQ,
When you open blindwrite and your at the select the cd writer window it won’t let you just hit the drop down and select your writer? You should be able to do this when opening either blindwrite or blindread