Blindwrite question

Ok, I just finished downloading an image made with blindwrite. I tested the image with D-Tools and it works great, however when I burn it with Blindwrite, my CD that I just finished burning appears blank in my writer (although it says its already been written to) and my normal CD player cant even read it at all.
I tried it with and without enhance weak sectors (which I assume is the same as amplify weak sectors on cloneCD).
I have a Lite-on 40125W which from what I understand doesnt need that option anyway, but it didnt work either way.
Does Blindwrite contain any known burner incompatibilities?
Can anyone point me to the definitive Blindwrite user guide so I can figure this out?

Ok nevermind, I solved it myself heh.
I hadnt gone to the options and told BW to enable other writing modes. I selected the lowest level one that was supposed to be able to write anything and even though it took 30 mins it worked!