Blindwrite Profiler?

Ok, I fell for it, I wanted to see what the app was, but it became quickly apperant that I wasn’t going to be able too. I installed it, it put a total of 25 seperate folders in program files, all of them were BWA’s nothing more. I then tried to open the application, it went to the splash screen and just died, I never could get it open. When I uninstalled it, it left all those folder’s. I’m not exactly sure how it’s supposed to work I never got to the screen in the picture located on their website:

I used a translator to read the forums, seems others are having the same problems, if the translator works even halfway.

Same here, made the crap folders (lucky I use cleansweep so it removes everything) and shows splash then dies.

Got it working on mine. No BlindWrite installed on this machine though so I can’t test it.

I think I used version 2.xx of this program at one stage. Has anyone checked out the BWA files yet. Version 2’s were VERY poor quality. I don’t have BWA builder with me so I can’t check these ones out.

I downloaded this program, installed (in it’s own separate folder) and it ran fine for me. However I can’t for the life of me see how to get from the profiler into blindwrite! I must be missing something obvious. Some of the BWA’s look good, but if you look at ones such as the UT 2003 BWA its a mess. BWA Builder 5 would probably clean the curve ok though. And is it just me or are these BWA files all for relatively old games…can’t see support for many newer ones.

I’m don the technical admin of, the Home of the profiler.
I’m not the programmer.
But i can say ou that we realized the problem and that we will release a bugfix update at the end of this week…

the changelog will be:
remooved registration
added new Mail adress
new skin
fixed some critical bugs
new bwas added
addes ability totransfer the settings to Blindwrite


i’m the coder of the profiler and i have forgott to pack some files in the installer because not every system have the dll file I’m very sorry about it i hope you will forgiff me for that misstake and download the next version that will release on fr i think MFG Dark-Angel

yay, its gonna be fixed.
np dark-angel, everyone can make mistakes…
hope its soon enough…