Blindwrite & Plextors

Is there anyone who is able to install a backup of Securom 4.8 made with blindwrite using these devices? I can’t

Have backup:ed with Plex 12/10/32S. Never tried to install.
But as I understand it, CD burned with BWA file is rarely installable. Creator of BW suggested that 2 CD:s are made.
One WITH BWA for play, and one WITHOUT BWA for installation.

I’m personally still waiting on CloneCD to fix this SecuRom problem. I’m sure a sollution will come up soon… For more information on BlindWrite you can try reading through our BlindWrite Suite Forum.

NOLF2 and Hitman2 successfully copied with Plextor 24x using Blindwrite 2.2.4 and BWA-builder.
Will do some more test with my Px-1610A this weekend.
Read image with Blindread, make bwa-file @ 1x, sectors t’ll the end, however you can stop at sector 50000 when copying secuROM. Try a couple of times, it won’t always work! Use CD-RW. Then burned with Blindwrite at max. speed. It worked, but install won’t always work.
You can also try to use Twinpeak v0.2. (thanx to Blackcheck! :bow: ) and patch a CCD-image with a made bwa-file.

One remarque : Yesterday the game played well and today my PC didn’t recognise the CD anymore ?? :eek:
The only thing I had done was copying the BWA-files from my old PC to the one I play with. After that NO GO !?
I removed the two BWA-files again and no more problems ! Hitman 2 and N0LF2 started without any problems.

Also copied Conflict Desert Storm (SD2.7) simply using ClonyXXL and CloneCD with my Plex16x.

Has anyone had a back up with their Plextor that would not Play in it even though the game copied was read and burned with it using BW and the Physical dumper? If I put the disk in the Plextor 2410A it starts to read then the whole Burner disappears for My Computer and I have to reboot. What’s with this? The copy plays in my Toshiba SCSI DVD and My old Plextor 40x CD rom. What gives with this? Weirdness.:confused: