Blindwrite or EAC?

I would like to know which one is better. i can’t feel the difference. Lets just forget the sub- features for both and emphasize on audio quality. Which do you prefer?

If you don’t want to correct the offset on writing for instance,
then use the program you like - it won’t matter.
The sound quality in the end is affected by the D/A-Converter
used for playback, at best.
But the speakers are far the weakest elements in a Hi-Fi
system, anyway.

Ok. That means both of the program works fine for audio quality. Which one do you using?:slight_smile:

I like EAC in secure mode, and I burn the copy at 8x.

Blindwrite is a tool for backing up cds (cd-copy tool), EAC is a tool specialized for doing Digital Audio Extraction, on cds which are not new anymore, in the (generally considered) best possible way (using it in secure mode).

EAC is much better at audio.

I also like EAC bc of the glitch removing and the error range features. Do you guys facing long cd gap detection time in EAC? i use method B and inaccurate, it still need 1-2 minutes to finish.

Before EAC i use CDEx. It was the best in the old days. And it is absolutely free!

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Before EAC i use CDEx.
Yes. And finally there has been releasd CDex 1.50 final :smiley:

votes for nero despite its absence on the list

//isnt a fanboy - its just less problematic

The time needed for gap detection depends on the mode, you use. A is the fastest, C the slowest. According to EAC’s readme, no one is better or worse. Some will work with your drive, others won’t. If you want to make sure, that all indices are correct, use either CloneCD (audio-subs reading enabled) or CDRWIN (subcode analysis enabled) for the cue-generation.

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The time needed for gap detection depends on the mode, you use. A is the fastest, C the slowest.

My CD-ROM is low range cd-rom. The default value given was method B. My drive cant read subcodes and extra audio information. Gotta invest $ on my new PC!