Blindwrite or CloneCD

Which do you prefer, Blindwrite or CloneCD?
I prefer CloneCD because it is much faster and better at cracking copy protections. And it has the sheep.

clone cd because it is by far tha best out there :slight_smile: olli gots more tricks than macgyver :slight_smile: LOL


Because it’s the biggest, the best, and it’s better then the rest!

keep walking !!! Clone cd :bow:

wonder who is the blind write person. good thinbg about blind read is that you can change read speed during read :slight_smile:

there should have been a cdmate option :slight_smile:

Some people use blindwrite because their drives aren’t supported by CloneCD. Don’t know why, but I guess their drives must be some unknown brand. Oh and by the way, what is Patin-Couffin layer in blindwrite?

Originally posted by shuebhussain
[B]wonder who is the blind write person. good thinbg about blind read is that you can change read speed during read :slight_smile:

there should have been a cdmate option :slight_smile: [/B]

You can do the same with CloneCD if you have DriveSpeed running in the taskbar. Try it, you’ll love it! :cool:

I’d say you don’t need anything else than CloneCD (‘I liked the product so much I…’ (no, I didn’t buy the company… :bigsmile: but I made a few cool things for it :bigsmile: )

if we are talking nero drivespeed, i have the app but how can you change read speed during a read?

Why do I like BW more than CCD ?

Simple … BW writes BIN and ISO files also.

And since BIN and ISO files is use a lot on IRC … well.

And since BW managed to copy AVP2 and CCD couldn’t I have used BW ever since.

It works great with my Lite-On 24102B.

Check this for the CCD bug which have recently been fixed

hay im a big blindwrite fan but surry i have aliens vs predators 2 uses securom new + cd cheacks ass well i also have a plextor 24/10/40a ferm 1.04 if you cheak the tread at this forum you will see not only me but others that have tried to back up this game whith blindwrite the copy will only work whith clone cd’s hide meada option whare as clone cd 4 copyed this perfactly the other guy had a liton 32somthing and had the same results whith blindwrite so i dont know how you could manage this blindwrite is not fully capable whith this protection on the other hand clone cd is.i thingk blindwrite’s weakness is it’s writing ability becase it can read it if you mount the image on a virtual drive it will lanch the game blindwrite can also read to different image formats but needs i little work yet for the new scurom protections but i thingk they will get it yet.

BW has NO problems with SECURom new protection on my rig.

And as I said … It’s only in CCD 4 the SecuRom BUG have been fixed.

rig has nothing to do whith copying in general both liton and plex cant copy this whith blindwrite whith out hide meadia what burner are you useing for this, her’s my rig 1900xp alfa pal cooler a7v266/e mother 768 DDR ram G4 ti4400 vidieo sony crx 160 plexter 24/10/40ferm 1.04 drives tried evory write mode whith blindwrite and no go.

I’m using a Lite-On 24102B and it’s on an Epox 8KHA+ / VIA kT266A

i dont know how you could do this whith blindwrite here is info from developer they even sead it cant do securom new fully BlindRead can bypass the following CD Protections:
Protection Supported Instructions
SecuROM Partially (the author is working on it) [Method 1 - Nibble]

  • The copy should work fine on readers that doesn’t extract audio correctly (typically that need audio resync, EG Creative PC DVD Dxr2).
    SafeDisc Fully for all versions [Method 1 - Nibble]
    SafeCast Untested -
    LaserLock Fully [Method 2 - Several Gaps, or Method 3 - One Gap on old LaserLock implementations]
    ProtectCD Untested -
    CdCops Untested -
    DiscGuard Untested -
    MusicGuard Untested -
    The Bongle Untested -
    CopyLok Untested -
    LockBlocks Fully [Method 2 - Several Gaps] - The best readers for this one are Yamaha
    The one used in Settlers 3 (a circle at 2/3 of the CD, with little spikes crossing the circle) Fully [Method 3 - One gap]

That must be an old/outdated list you have there …

I even used BW to copy Diablo II.

And as stated in the thread in my previous post … CCD had a bug wich prevented it from doing Securom new on Lite-On drives, which is why I used BW to copy AVP2.

Clone CD 4 me. I have’nt tried out other programs mainly cause i dont have many originals to copy.

CD-Mate! It can copy any prot i’ve thrown at it (SD 2.51 being the latest) and it has a whole pre-mastering suite, and it has active online tech support (developers hang out if forums all over the place)

Originally posted by shuebhussain
if we are talking nero drivespeed, i have the app but how can you change read speed during a read?

Just click on the taskbar icon (if it’s in tha taskbar already), select your speed and click on the close button. You will notice the speed will change as soon as the new speed is selected.

If it is set at 48x but actually reads much slower, selecting another speed will force set it to that. You can then click it back to the 48X speed if that’s what you were trying to do and it will force it again to that speed.


here is some more blindwrite and scurom tests i just resently perchaced a liteon dvd ltd 163d reader and did some reading whith blindwrite the game aliens vs predators 2 i used the liteon for the read and the daemon stealth dvd vitual drive to lanch the game from blindwrite failed!!! now i know the liteon 163d can read this protection because the test past whith clone cd.