Blindwrite online help"

Excuse the ignorance (and there doesn’t seem to be a ‘Title’ referring to it elsewhere but, does the online help feature of Blindwrite work in the same kind of way that clony does with Clone, ie. determines the type of burn required and set up the options autmatically acccording to the type of protection or otherwise to be got around? Or is it something different.
If one keeps the box ticked for online help is it always on and “chattering” to Blindwrite server[s]?

Does it always work: I mean with the latest of the latest protections?


if the game your backing up is in the database ! then yes it will tell you the method to use based on how the auther and community backed it up !

its not a scanner it just takes the info from the name of the disk and tells you the methods to use it duz not scan the disk ! and it only checks the net once then after that it adds the info to a file on your hdd …

hope this answers your questions.:stuck_out_tongue:

later in future updates who knows what will happend with it but for now its fine…