BlindWrite n00b, neet a bit of help please :)



Hi all

I’ve got a copy of Moto GP 3, and its a BWCLONE… Here are the instructions from the NFO

  1. Unrar, Burn Using BlindWrite 4.5.7 (disable Autoplay in Options menu) burn in DAO PW at 4-12x click “YES” when asked if you want to physichally include BWA information)

  2. Install and play

  3. Have fun!

How I wish I could get to step 3!
I am not too familiar with BlindWrite, so here are the exact steps I take:

BlindWrite Configuration -> Disable Autoplay
Start CD Writing Wizard -> Under the INFORMATION TAB, I leave all four options checked off: Support BURN-PROOF, CDRW-Write, Support RAW PQ, Support RAW PW are all ENABLED (Is this wrong?)

Advanced Tab -> Under “Allowed Write Modes” I deselected all except DAO PW (I thought thats what the NFO wanted me to do?), so only DAO PW is checked off/enabled…

Then I burn at 4x, and pick YES to include the BWA info

This is done on a Plextor PX-716SA DVD/CD Burner… The result was what appeared to be a working CD, but none of the files on it were readable… Like, the setup.exe and all sub-dirs, and all of the readme.txt’s from the CD were visible when I browsed it, but when I tried to open anything on it I got a read error…

I have not tried another CD in my second DVD Burner in this machine (A Pioneer DVR-108)

Can someone tell me what to do, and what I did wrong? Thanks!


All the help you need is in the following thread: