Blindwrite Loyalists? I love it, but what's all the hype about Alcohol?



I am getting the impression that Alcohol 120% is the holy grail of cd copy software.

Any experienced users of both have any e-pinions?


Yer pays yer money & makes yer choice

Me <<<>>> Im for Alcohol both the proggy & the real thing specialy if its “becks” bier or Remy Martin Cognac!!!:bow: :cool: :smiley:


Other than the 32 virtual drives alcohol will do, Blindwrite is the better bang for the buck. On the alcohol site they just had a big discussion about the benefits of alcohol which is quite expensive considering, 3 machines 3 copies of lets say alcohol 120%=$150.00 (US), in order to run alcohol legally on the 3 machines 3 licenses are required, and thats because alcohol is required on every machine that requires emulation. Blindwrite on the otherhand does not have the option of 32 virtual drives but does offer emulation of the current games for the price of 29.95 (US) but and this is a big point VSO offer’s the autoplay, which is required to play the games being emulated on a machine where blindwrite is not installed, the cost of the autoplay is 0.00 (free).

The response from the alcohol team members will be use daemon tools it’s free, “but why should you you payed for alcohol?” why should you have to use a third party tool.

Blindwrite recognized this and fixed it with autoplay which is free, no third party required.

also keep in mind that images take 400-800mbs of additional space, on top of the game install itself, some people can’t afford all the space required to use images.

blindwrite and your copy of the cd you backed up with the autoplay installed on the other computer is all thats required, no 400-800mbs extra for the image.

just a few things so far…


Its worth noting that Blindwrite has no solution for backing up CD Cops, ProtectCD 5, StarForce, PS 2 DVD games, any DVD film.
Its also worth pointing out that with Alcohol’s license you are entitled to free updates and support for life.
Blindwrite only allows a year of updates.
just a few things so far…:smiley:

In the end, have a read around and make your own mind up.


Well both programs are good.

I prefer BlindWrite (don’t ask why it’s just my personal feeling/opinion).

The new BlindWrite version 5 (don’t know when it’s coming) will be able to copy ProtectCD 5 and StarForce (1,2 and 3), I don’t know if it can copy CD Cops (and I can’t try because I don’t have a game which has this protection).

Alcohol can copy StarForce 1 and 2 not 3!!


Wonder if you can keep your images file (ISO) on a CD and play from there. You would be emulating an image from your CD. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Other than the 32 virtual drives alcohol will do, Blindwrite is the better bang for the buck.

I have to disagree on this one. I backed up The Sims Superstar(Safedisc 2.9.x) using Alcohol 120 with a “1 sheep” burner (LG GCE 0824b) and the backup will play flawlessly in my burner(with emulation obviously). I tried BlindWrite and was unsuccessful m8. When BlindWrite decides to add more emulation options (ignore media type, bad sector) then BlindWrite will be my preferance. Sure BlindWrite has the edge here to backup SecuROM, but Alcohol 120 has the advantage backing up Safedisc 2.8-2.9 (1 sheep burner). I can easily backup Safedisc 2.8-2.9 using BlindWrite with my Polaroid BurnMAX48 playing the backup without any emulation whatsoever.

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