Blindwrite images & Alcohol

Hi guys,

I tried to burn a Blindwrite image of my original game with Alcohol (trial version, the latest…), I burned the cd but my hitachi dvdrom refuses to read it… the autorun doesn’t start and my system hangs. I saw that BW image are supported, I tried to mount it in the virtual drive but noluck (here I could have done something wrong). On my Plextor the cd is read well but I don’t think it’s a problem of my dvdrom, because if I burn the image with BW the cd is perfect.

Not a great problem but perhaps anyone will be able to give me an answer.



Do not use BlindWrite to create images and burn them with Alcohol. Read/burn with the MDS format.

ok,thanks infact it seems that BW images aren’t correctly supported by Alcohol (that’s normal even if ccd images are burned perfectly):bigsmile:


forgimme, i was just wondering why one should create an image using blindwrite and burn it using Alcohol … :confused:

if u want to mount it of course, that’s a different thing :bigsmile: