Blindwrite *Free Today Only [26.12.06]*

Excellent! Good find. :clap:

Their may be a catch!
Downloaded software but upon install it tells me it’s a trial verson, good for only 21 days??? :confused:

Edit! I did an open an install from Winzip, If you dont open to file you miss the valadition key. Sorry!

Did you double click on the Activation Icon? That does away with the trial version and makes it the real MacCoy.

I just installed, according to the Doc’s PX and everything thing worked out fine. THANKS! A_T :clap:

Hi jamescooley: could you verify what version this is please.:wink:

V, is this good I am a rookie?

Does this interfere with Slysofts programs including Virtual drive. What about Lite-On LH-18A1P drives.

It’s brand new. Is it better than Alcohol 120%? Don’t think so. :disagree: But the price is right.

it says it will make back ups of games. Does that include PS2 games and Xbox? And will you be able to just play the back ups directly on the game consoles without the use of the “slide magic” or flip tops?


Dunno yet…I´ve installed and activated according to the instructions…
Backed up an audio cd as a test…worked perfectly.
Looks like a simple and good tool.

great find indeed. VSO’s stuff (like their CopyToDVD) is rock solid.

Nice app. This is going to be a keeper. :slight_smile:
Funny that they have integrated virtually all TBX themes available…

just spotted this with 25 mins to go :clap:

I got it with 20 minutes left :slight_smile:
No free technical support
No free upgrades to future version

but for free who can complain

Correct me if I am wrong,
but due to activation type regging only during offer time
a re-install of software would not be possible??

It burned a DVD+R from a DVD+RW recorded on my DMR ES15

I would say yes. I’m going to make an Acronis backup.

Making a backup of the license is possible, although [I]I’m not going to go into detail[/I] as I’m not sure how legal it is to post instructions.

Nevertheless this software is really nice :iagree: