BlindWrite error "List index out of bounds (-1)

Anyone know what the error means and how to solve it ?

After installing & registering BlindWrite suit 4.5.0, and entering the BlindWrite “Select a language” screen, this error
appears no matter what language I choose and the mouse cursor changes to sandclock spinning, also the user options is saved randomly. I’m using tradional Chinese Windows, but I just want to select English BlindWrite appearance.

I tried this annoying problem in Intel P4 & P3, or AMD systems, with Windows XP or Windows Me, all with same error. The previous BlindWrite 4.40 runs just fine in all these systems.

Mail lapinou, and he will help you.

I sent E-mail to them and they solved this error on BlindWrite
suit V4.5.2. Good job done, vso guys. Thank you.