BlindWrite can't copy Laserlock?

Hi there everybody.

I tried to make a back up copy from my Fallout 2 game using the latest BW (v4.5.2.43) but without success. This game is laserlock protected and my burner is Lite-on LTR-16102B (rather old but still a “two sheep” burner). I made four attempts to copy it using cd-rw disc…

  1. Read subs., extraction method Multiple gaps -> don’t play
  2. Read subs., " Nibble -> don’t play
  3. no subs., " Multiple gaps -> don’t play
  4. no subs., " Nibble -> don’t play

Burned all those four images with autoplay checked, enhance weak sectors unchecked. None of them worked. I even couldn’t open that laserlock folder (hidden) locating on cd. No problems to open it when using original CD though.

Alcohol 120% instead, was able to make a working copy with no problems. Used laserlock profile to create it.

Now is it so that BlindWrite can’t copy laserlock?? And if so, can’t it copy RingPROTECH either since these two protection types are quite similar as far as i know? Does anyone here recall making a working copy from laserlock protected game using BW?

…or have I just checked wrong options or is my burner too old for BW but not for Alcohol 120%?

Thanks for all the answers in advance.


which writing mode(s) did you use for your tests?


Although I am definitely not the expert here(Philip is your guy) I can say that I never encountered a problem burning a Laselock protected CD with Blw(any version) and that along with burning the backup with the suggested mode you should(as a rule of thumb) check IMAGE VERIFICATION prior to the burning procedure.
Maybe the problem lies in the quality of your image!(speed sets rather high?)Anyway if so, IMAGE VERIFICATION will inform you and save you from a coaster!(no need for CD-RW and by the way the patterns are written differently in the CD-RW compared to a CD-R)

Set it to read at 4x max. IT doesn’t matter if you even have a 48x CD Burner, if you are coping strong proteced CDs then you want it to be as accurate as possible. Also remember when you make a BWA using the builder program that it is CPU sensitive so leave it and walk away until its done.