Blindwrite buring slooow...reeeeal slow



Have been a user (legit) of Blindwrite since v 4.5, and have recently downloaded and installed Blindwrite on my system. Burner’s a Plextor PW-4012A (40X12X40)

When attempting to write a ISO backup, got the following in the log:

Writing speed requested x4, effective x4 (!)

Nowq this burner writed at 40X MAX, and befor I’ve never had it write at less than 20X overall…no BlindWrite wants to write at 4x, and take 20 mins to write?

This just doesn’t seem right - am using the Patin-Couffin driver that came with Blindwrite, the only other burning software I have is Nero for authoring (6.1)

ANy insight wuld really be appreciated in getting this to speed up a bit!


Have you tried using the BW5 tweaker to force a particular write speed when burning?


Go to ‘Options’ ‘Settings’ then under ‘Writing Speed for CD/DVD’ then ‘Fast’ or ‘16x’.


send your full log , I see plextor, and maybe it is burning using the special plextor mode…