Blindwrite BETA is available

I just posted the article Blindwrite BETA is available.

Submitted by: mAsTa and a lot of others !

The new burning application, made by the guys of BlindRead seems to be a straight attack to CloneCD and it’s…

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It has burned 5 coasters for me, on my Mitsumi CR-4804TE - this prog. sucks and CloneCD rules

Well it’s still BETA going to try it now , as Yamaha Writer user i full of expectations .

i have a yamaha 4416s and just tried blind write and it worked on a safe disk protected game by ea sports and it really works so mister 5 coasters i dont know what you are doing wrong but for me it works great …

I think olli is going to have a lot of competition on his butt thank you blindread(bw)crew for saving me from buying another burner .
yamaha support really sucks wrote 5 letters to them answerd none. so yammie boys you suck and never buying yammie again …

Lucky I did a few test burns
Because my Yamaha 4261 isn’t supported either…
crap !!!

hmm, I used to own a Yammie 8424 drive, which I used with no quarms, it was a very good drive. No CloneCD support! hmm CloneCD said it didnt support simulated writing, well bolluxs to that, yammie has always had this support, Nero uses it! And just for the record, I manged to read all the FF8 cds for the PC, and my mate with a IDE PleXtor couldnt!! Just for the record, not writer accept for the yammie can good overlength CD’s I have now bought a PleXtor 12 write, and tried to make backups of the yammie overlenth disk, not a chance in hell. I still think the auther of CDclone cant be assed with the yammie, a damm shame as blind write can use the yammie no probs. So yammie crew stick with it, you have a good drive, I should know, I used to own a x4x3x6, never had a single prob, the same for the x8x4x24. So mr author of CDclone why dont you have a chat with the Blindwrite crew, and ask how them managed the impossible eh!!!

Well, I tried it on my wife’s Creative Labs 6X CDRW drive and it failed on a safedisc write. It got to about 17% and came back with an error. I haven’t tried it on my HP9310i yet, but, if it doesn’t work on that, I’ll be shocked…Anyone else try it with a Creatve 6X yet?

Hey sorry for the bad spelling, I am knackered after working almost 48hrs none stop. I just dont want people being led to believe that they must get a new drive which has support for a said package. As always, little patience is rewarded.

Have sucessfully backed up swat3 / half-life opposing force / Thief all with the alternate method and RAW PW write method using a mitsumi CE-4804TE 2.8C. No coasters no problems at all Blindread/ Write rules.

Blindwrite, i think is a good
programm, but it is still in beta phase. I Tried to use a Yamaha 4416s, and it fails.
Blindwrite could not close the
cd, or he send in his status window “access Violation in Blindread.exe”. When i took the burned CD in my normal CD-ROM Drive, and start CD-R Diagnostics, and then i start the “Error Summary” the copy has the same Errors like the Original…
then if i try to start the Programm this message appears “Please insert Original CD”.

great prog
worked first time
no coasters-


To guy with 5 coasters :

I think i know what the problem - make shure you disabled “Test mode” unlike most other programs setting this option ON make BlindWrite do a simulation , not simulation+writing .
Btw: i had problem on my Yamaha CDW4416S too SAO (no subs) worked ok but it’s a stundart mode , while SAO (PW subs) made 2 errors and the result was 1 Audio track (60 min long) instead of 1 simple unprotected 650MB DATA track so i think they should work a little more on writing on my model .

Just copied Fifa 2000 (safedisc)no problems using a Ricoh MP7040A which is not supported by Clone.Thanks Blindwrite you guys are as mad as a big bag of spiders.

Here also coasters with mitsumi 4804(2.8c).When reading a psx cd it keeps hanging on 99%.
Anybody tried Plextor 8432 ??

Still no luck with the Creative Labs CD-RW Blaster 6424 and safedisc. I haven’t tried other protections yet, so, we’ll see on that. As predicted my HP 9310i works incredibly well with this program. These guys definitely deserve to be commended for a fine piece of work. Once a more stable version is released, I will most definitely be registering it. Anyone tried a PSX backup yet? I’m curious if they managed to live up to their claim of backing up the PSX protection without the need for a mod chip. Since I have a mod in mine, I only know that the backups work great with that installed. I’m pretty impressed.

Check “readme.htm” says only support for a few writers, more to be added . could not get anything from my Yamaha 8432 - was writing at 0.1x looks like patiance is the order of the day.

Lots of people are wondering if Blindwrite is better than Clone cd.
About the compatibility , Blindwrite beats Clone cd for sure since BW supports much more cd-r ,thanks to SAO writing (Session at once).
About the performance ,it seems that people who own Yamaha writer still won’t be able to copy game which store their protection in the Subchannel Data such as Securom(PC) & Libcrypt protection (psx) , since this protection can only be read with RAW compatible writers .
Also , still about Libcrypt protection , game Medievil 2 couldn’t even be copied correctly with clone cd (game stopped at level3) , it would be interested that someone try to backup this game and play over level 3 .
Last point , author from Blindwrite said in his tutorial (BR page) that he was very close to find a solution ragarding boot protecion scheme found on psx cd , it could be nice that someone try and test a backup (copied from an original with blindwrite) on an unmodded playstation and report the result here .
If this feature really work,we could say that Blindwrite author has won the match against Ollie (clone cd) and also it may mean that PSX2 cd could also be copied without using a chip for running theses cd ?..
Wait & See

I did burn 5 cd’s and ended up with coasters, i used bleem as my test as it is a very difficult cd that CloneCD can do withought any problems. BlindWrite stops @ 8% not burning anything after that (maybe it cant write errors or some thing ?, if anyone knoes about bleem key cd - it has errors on 9% and after) well it just wont work properly for me, also another Mitsumi CR-4804TE (2.8c) owner ended up with coasters, This drive can copy and read almost any cd withought problems - so it must be BlindWrite