Blindwrite author announces a new version 4.2.4

Blindwrite author announces a new version 4.2.4
Friday, 22 November 2002

“…We will release the version 4.2.4 in one or 2 days. What’s new ? This version will introduce the “live assist” option, it’s what we described earlier as our “clonyxxl” alternative. Live Assist is NOT a protection scanner. Live assist is an online service which retrieves some tips, advices and parameters for BlindRead and BlindWrite from our server . This information is provided per CD so only the most popular CD’s will be stored in the database at the beginning.
Due to the latest protection, the patin-couffin drivers 10 was completely rewritten for Windows 98/Me.The bwa builder was updated. As usual, there is no rule about the expected results. For example on the same computer, a Liteon X52 creates a BWA file at X1, X2, X4 speed only, whereas an old plextor 161040A, is able to extract a bwa file at x16…”

The new version will released later this week!

Shoebedobedoo :cool: