BlindWrite-6! HELP! with the instructions!

hey guys

i dnwlded blindwrite-6 and i wonder if this instruction is right
Copy PS2 games, burn PS2 games

How to copy PS2 games, burn PS2 games and play legal backup copies on PS2? In this article, I would show you step-by-step guide to copy/burn PS2 games and play copies, and let you easily protect your investments against damage caused by children, scratches or by frequent use. The guide includes two parts. One is to copy PS2 games, the other is to play PS2 backup game copies. The detailed steps are as follows. Copy/burn PS2 games

  1. Free download game copy software BlindWrite, run it.

  2. Click the “Copy” button from the left side options. Select the source and set output path.

Options explaining

For “Source”, The drive containing the disc you want to copy, use the to select a different drive. While the correct drive is selected, the media information like media type will be displayed under the source selection box. To manually make the software check the drive, press the button.

For “Destination”, this is the writer you want to burn the image with. If you plan to write the image with a different writer, click the first icon on the right side of the “Destination” box, this will allow you to select a different writer. To chang the writing speed (once media detected), use the icon on the far right of the “Destination” box to select the desired writing speed.

For “Profile”, we recommend to select the “Automatic” option as it will do for all disc types.

For “Log”, clicking “Log” will open the BlindWrite log file, you can open the log even if the software is writing a disc.

  1. Click the “Copy” button (bottom right) to copy a CD/DVD onto another media of the same kind.

Note: There are three modes you can choice: “Copy” (Copy media to media), “Read” (Extract an image from a CD/DVD), and “Write” (Write a HDD image of a CD/DVD). Here I only introduce the “Copy” mode.

Play legal backup copies

In order for your PS2 system to play backup copies, it must be modified to overcome its built-in protection. There are two ways to accomplish this. One is to install a PS2 Mod Chip into your system’s console, allowing you to play backup copies of your games. The other is to obtain PS2 boot discs.

  1. PS2 Mod Chips

Installing most PS2 Mod Chips is a complicated procedure that requires you to open your console to solder several wires. If you don’t have a background in soldering, hire an experienced electronics professional. If your mod chip is installed wrong, you’ll be in the market for a new gaming console.

  1. PS2 Boot Discs

Before inserting your backup copy, place these discs in your PS2 console. This method doesn’t require cracking open the console case or soldering wires, and so does not void your warranty.

it’s tht right?? i jst do the top instructions, let it copy, then put in my blank dvd+r and then jst use the PS2 Boot Disc??? i dnt have to patch it, create an image?? or anything???