Blindwrite 6 conflict with Daemon tools

I am having some problems installing blindwrite 6 and i think its because it is conflicting daemon tools/SPTD 1.50

when ever i try to install BW6 and at then end of the installation it tries to add the ez play device to device manager i get a hard lock or a BSOD saying there has been an error with sptd.sys

it has happened around 3 times now

anyone else have this problem


maybe ezplay should be made optional at installation


I have installed SPTD v1.50 [B]after[/B] Blindwrite was installed, and no problems here…

I will install SPTD v1.50 1st, then I will install BW v6.x AFTER on a test box to see if I can reproduce the issue.

Using Windows XP Pro.

You using XP or VISTA ?

Hey again,

FORGET what I set above, I can’t seem to burn (DVD+RW) with ConvertXtoDVD and CopyToDVD now, since I also installed SPDT v1.50

Uninstalling Daemon Tools v4.09 now for testing purposes !

If it works, I will open an official bug with VSO Software for sure ! :a

Holly Molly,

Forget what I’ve said AGAIN!

I uninstalled Daemon Tools v4.09 and I still had issues.

Turned off AnyDVD v6.1.6.5 and BANG everything was back to normal.

So I decided to try the new v4.10 PRO (With Adware) for testing purposes, and rebooted.

Daemon Tools v4.10 Pro Active, AnyDVD v6.1.6.5 active, I can burn again, bizzarre…

Sorry, I never got a blue screen with both installed.

Using XP Pro like I mentionned above !

thanks for the reply im using winxp

also it have a 2nd box and i tried it on that and it worked so dunno why its not working my main machine

did you try enabling ezplay

i still think ezplay installation should be made optional


Yes EzPlay [B]IS[/B] Enabled, and it always has been.

True, but you can turn it off manually after, I guess VSO wants it installed and enabled by default, since in theory it should not conflict with anything else.