Blindwrite 5 without autoplay 5?!



I’ve a problem. I can’t use blindwrite 5 without autoplay5 installed. I used the trick that after I installed blindwrite, I removed autoplay 5 with the autoplay5/patin-couffin installer, but I doesn’t work!!! He removed patin-couffin as well! :eek: The trick works with autoplay 4 but with 5 it isn’t possible. The commandline for deleting patin-couffin or autoplay are the same:

AUTOPLAY—>PcSetup.exe /remove /removeatip “Install and please reboot once finished…”

PATIN-COUFFIN–>D:\Software\Blindwrite\Patin-Couffin\PcSetup.exe /remove /removeatip “uninstalling…please reboot to take effect”

When I install patin-couffin again, autoplay is back :frowning:
Can somebody help me? Is this a bug?



The commands you have listed in your post will remove everything, not just Autoplay.
The correct command is “PcSetup.exe /removeatip” to just remove the Autoplay.