Blindwrite 5 - topology extraction error - LOTR War of the ring

Hi all

i am trying to back up my Lord of the Ring - War of the Ring - Play CD. ( i mange to backup my installation CD with clonecd, but I can’t seem to be able to back up my actual Playing CD).

programs i have downloaded and installed Clonecd, Blindwrite suite, Twinpeak

when i try to use the [COPY] function i get topology extraction failed error, and when i READ then Write my backup CD don’t work, i just get the reading CD icon thing and nothing happens.

need help

Got that same issue with my back-up of the play cd. I even tried an image thru BW5 and ran it with daemon tools and still failed misserably. The pros here at this forum are all in awe and have not yet provided any answer to this mystery. I should know, I posted several times about LOTR: WOTR play cd issue and got no response that I can use. Guess what? You are not alone on this one ma friend. GOD HELP US.

Just out of curiosity, what drives do you guys use when making the topology?