Blindwrite 5 no good with Laserlok/bad sectors!?!


I just tried out the trial version of BW

The program caused severe timing errors when trying to read a Laserlok protected CD (Tennis Masters 2003: 12 rings of bad sectors) and a CD with consecutive bad sectors (Syberia CD : bad sectors LBA 148350-157349.

After both my drives had read the discs for over 10 minutes I aborted the operation and found out Windows XP Professional had automatically put the drives in PIO-mode, even though DMA was selected for both IDE channels in the Device manager.

(For more info on this problem see

I had to manually adjust the registry to get DMA back on my drives! Here’s the link…thanx Snip

I have tried reading the discs again with the “bad sectors” profile in BW 5…same result. I had no problem reading out these discs with Alcohol or CD Manipulator 2.70 (freeware). I never had (severe) timing errors before with my two drives.

Probably BW 5 hasn’t got something like a advanced sector scanner, and tries to read the sectors one by one, resulting in timing errors.

In fairness: I have to say I have been able to back up Max Payne (Safedisc 2), Medieval Total War (Safedisc 2.6.052) and Master of Orion 3 (Securom New 4.84) with BW 5 without a problem…

Something to look into for the people at VSO… at this moment I’m not over the moon to go out and buy BW 5.

Tested on:

Intel Celeron 900
256 MB
MSI 6309 LE 2 (VIA 694x chipset)
WinXP Professional
Lite-On 52327S (fw QS0C) CD rewriter

And BW 5 can backup Safedisc 3.10.020 (Fifa 2004)

(But so can CD Manipulator 2.70, which costs…nothing)

But no answer on the Laserlock question…let’s just think they’re busy working on it :bigsmile: