Blindwrite 5 logo

please give your opinion about the logo for the new version blindwrite 5, feel free to give your feedback and vote. or to submit better ones.

i prefer number 3, but 5 is good also

i still really like the “old one”,and i feel that no.2 with the lion is a bit like clones sheep,a cartoony feel to it.
but if its down to coolness,id say that no.3 is the coolest out of the 5 new ones…
but for style content,no.1 still does it for me…thats the one i think…
but i could be wrong,and i bet i am wrong…hahaha
no.1 gets my vote,but i guess the most popular will be 2 or 3.


I think no 3, 4 or 6 are the best becouse its looks professional.

second Blindwrite 5 is completly new so a new logo would be great.

Let’s see what its gonna bring us.

BlindWrite Team Good Luck.




like i said,i think that no.2 or 3 would probably be most popular,if its out of just the new ones,then i would have voted for no.3,but i still felt that no.1 is the best out of them all,overall.

no. 2 for a cartoon style, or no. 5 for a simple and professional style.

#4 #5 and #6 are great logos
but I like #4 better.

I like #2 and #6

No 3…looks great. I voted for that
(no 1 is still great)

hmm…will there be a childrens edition?? released with logo 2??



:wink: yes… even 4 years old children will be able to use blindwrite 5 …

after copytodvd for blondes… blindwrite for children…

I like animals, because I working in company which logo is ladybird.
And it’s telecom company:) The second is I think 6.

#1, 4&5 look great lap! I voted for #1 of course…
#5 gets my second place vote
Shoey :cool:

i vote for 4 and 5
but i think 4 looks great.
i`ll go for #4,lap.

This is what I think (sorry for the long post):

Nr. 1
It’s the the old logo. I always think about VSO when I see it. The colours are soft and easy on the eyes, but I never understood the figure. Is it a person holding a bow and firing an arrow??? (kinda confusing). This logo would have needed to change the line “the ultimate CD copy solution” to something easier (and of course BlindWrite isn’t only a CD copy solution, it supports DVD too)

Nr. 2
This logo is kinda cartoonish, but cool. The colours are soft and easy. It would be great if VSO decides to use the lion as a mascot, using it for all vso products (BlindWrite, CopyToDVD, DVD-Toolbox etc…). people would with time associate the lion with VSO (just like people associate the sheep with elby (now slysoft) and cloneCD). The lion alone could be used as a small logo. If VSO decides to use nr. 2 then i would suggest changing “King of CD & DVD Backup” to something more catching and easier f.ex. “King of Media Backup”, “It’s your backup” etc…

Nr. 3
This logo imho is the coolest and most professional looking one. It has hard colours and attracts the eye to it, kinda hard to miss, but the colours are kinda cold (the colours are not as warm as on logo nr 1, 2, 4, 5). Not much to say about it except that it’s cool and has a catching and easy to remember line “It’s your backup”.

Nr. 4
This is imho the most boring logo of them all. The colour are warm and easy, but everything is almost perfect, thus making it boring. The 5 seems to big. The only thing good about this logo is the line “It’s your backup”.

Nr. 5
This logo is almost the same as nr. 4, but imho made better. It’s more interesting, has better colours (not to hard or soft, but easy), doesn’t have the big ugly 5 and is more fun (not boring). It has a good line “It’s your backup” and looks cool and professional. The CD even looks kinda like the person from the old logo (nr. 1).

Nr. 6
This logo has hard colours and looks like something I would see on a box with medicine pills (the 5 looks like a pill). It lacks a catching line and changing the w with a CD would be hard to understand for new people that never heard of BlindWrite before.

If i had to chose then I would chose:
If vso uses the lion as a mascot then nr. 2
If vso doesn’t use the lion as a mascot then nr. 3

The rest would be like this (starting with the best and ending with the not so good):

5, 1, 4, 6.

Originally posted by damiandimitri

hmm…will there be a childrens edition?? released with logo 2??

This was actually my first impression on Logo #2!! :smiley:

Like I posted before (but I will now elaborate), I think #6 has more of an ingenious look to it. #3 also has a really nice professional look to it - IMO, I think the lavender and teals look too…old. Don’t really like the contrast (reminds me of my grandmother’s dresses…:Z)

I might post one that I think looks good (that I created myself), but I might not get around to it…


Looks like majority here leans to #3

i vote for # 5 …if the cd could be used and turned into the letter B for BlindWrite

2, 3 and 6 I like.

ok … so the flying seems to be the final option.
any tips to edit it a last time ?