Blindwrite 5 and topology?

Ok I made an image with Blindwrite 5 and when I tried to write it said no topology found? What? I am really hating how you tried to simplify BW5 because now I can’t TELL what the heck it’s doing… Before I knew I had to run BWA to make a topology now their is no way to see if it’s making one or not… it’s too simplified. when I can’t see what it’s doing. I am not a newbie at this but since BW5 I feel like a total newb because I know longer can tell anything but read and write…

Guess I’m not going to purchase this product since now all control is gone… can’t tell what it’s doing.

hey molitar,

well new blindwrite version was meant to simplify everything and for newbies to get a copy of the game working. You can use the tweaker and it makes it like old blindwrite 4 version where you can tweak it out. Thanks go to rico and others that got the tweaker up and going. The tweaker gives you total control. Some functions are getting worked on to make it better.

Also I dont understand the problem your having ? what version of blindwrite are you using then ? can you copy the log here ? the log can be found in program files then vso folder then log file. Then open it and save to desktop and cut and paste it so we can see what is going on.


also the topology portion when it goes to it in blindwrite that is the new procedure for bwa. When you write it should be all automatic for you .

questions or problems feel free to ask.

now I can’t TELL what the heck it’s doing

Real simple solution works for most, read the log, it’s pretty complete and is saved by default, just about everything you need to know is in it.