BlindWrite 5 and Copy to CD/DVD Updated



Blindwrite has a new update today to 5.1.7
CopytoCd/DVD has been updated to 3.0.10

Just thought everyone would like to know


Change Log:

For BlindWrite5
5.1.7 + Fix a import topology issue with Alcohol images
+ implement the TAO write mode
+ uses patin couffin drivers v22

For CopyToDVD3
CopyToDVD 3.0.10

  • padding iso image removed from the log
  • add total burning time added to the log
  • add registry option to not close the window at successfull completion
  • finalization engine changed
  • multissession improved for dvd-r and dvd+r
  • multissession for dvd rw media not supported for compatibility reasons
  • Manager updated and optimize for DVD+R DL
  • vmp ( vso media player ) updated , various fixes and improvements
  • add or updates some translations ( arabic … )
  • vso starter add version information dialog ( press ‘V’)
  • Blindwrite Light Version ( Media copier ) updated to version 5.1.7


Still no StarForce 3 or Tages support. :sad:


well, of course i guess we all wait for that tages and starforce support, but just give them some more time, that’s all that we can do :frowning:
but don’t be ungrateful i am sure that the blindwrite staff is really hard working just as it has been doing for this release 2
and don’t let the first thing be a complaint, thats just unfair in my opinion…
will have a look at the new version, change log sounds fine so far…


Get god damn SecuROM sorted out!!



don’t worry, we accept the criticisms. yes we know what you are waiting for. we are doing our best, even if it is not enought. we are working on a new autoplay, new blindwrite with DL support… etc…


finnally, hopefully the autoplay will be fixed with blacklisting


To the Blindwright Gods :bow: is there anyway to write topology to a DVD yet? and will there be a way to?
If it’s hardware problem just tell me to shut up :bigsmile:
/me Using a Plextor 708A


sure there is just use blindwrite as normal, it will extract the topology from the dvd-rom version game and use it like any topology files is used. If you are a registered user goto the site. Under BlindWrite 5 and look for the BWABuilder 5.1, this will allow you to extract a standalone BWA from cd or dvd version games.

Extracting topology from a dvd-rom version game has been possible for a couple of months now, so far Enter the Matrix and Tron 2.0 have been successfully copied, as long as the tweaker is installed for those two. With UT2K4 like everyone else there is a slight blacklist problem.


Just to make thing clear, I’m not ungrateful but I just hoped that they had implemented the support for StarForce3 and Tagès. The way to do it manually is available for two and a half months now (read here). So I hoped/thought that they had find a way, after reading that article, to implement support for defeding Tagès into BlindWrite.

BlindWrite with DL support, sounds great lapinou, keep up the good work.

And as you know I never complain, I only keep the guys sharp!!


[Edit] Kalas posted the same news, here a little bit earlier than me