Blindwrite 5.2.2 and copytodvd 3.0.23 released

new version available on the vso new design web site.
if you have pending problems, burn failed etc… you can post the problem in this thread.

thx for the update mate.

if there is a problem that i find out i will post here unless someone does before me :slight_smile:


What’s the changelog?

Again only some new languages and the possibility to add new skins. :frowning:

I hope you guys are working on some protections at the moment.

I e-mailed Philip about somthing I would like see changed a couple of weeks ago. So far I have not received a response so I ask it here.

Would it be possible to add the version number
to the the file being downloaded? By this I mean
something like this BlindWrite5_setup_5.2.0.136.exe.

no , it is not possible to add the version in the downloaded file, because a lot of web site directly link to the current download link. if we add number, it will confuse a lot of dummies.

if we add number, it will confuse a lot of dummies

Nice way to talk about potential (and possibly current) customers.