BlindWrite 5.2.13 is out with a new burning engine

I just posted the article BlindWrite 5.2.13 is out with a new burning engine.

       Whilst surfing the web Tuesday afternoon, I saw over at  BetaNews that BlindWrite has a newer version out. Not many changes listed, other than  a new burning engine. Here is the publishers...
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in fact the exact version number is 5.2.13 and that’s not the only vso software’s update. CopyToDVD and PhotoDVD have been updated too.

sorry about that- I moved the decimal point…and added a link to the VSO Site :wink:
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What does this new burning engine do better than the previous one?

Burn :B

I guess its just more stable when burning :slight_smile:

well, we improved low level routines for some new burners, tune some drives etc… the usual stuff.

Does it fix the Premium fw 1.06 writing @ 4X bug ?

it is nothing relative to the software part as far I know